Should Teens Work While At School? Essay

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Should Teens Work While in School?
Should teens work while studying and going to school? Some say that it is not a good idea for teens, but others think that it is useful for teens to work part time. In my opinion, I believe that teens should not work while studying and going to school. In the article “Teenagers and Work”, by Laurence Steinberg and Ellen Greenberger they talk about whether or not teenagers should work and how much. These two authors gave us several clear reasons why teenagers should not work, but they concentrated mostly on the negative aspects of teenagers who work. I do in a way agree with both of the authors. Many of the points they presented are extremely valid. Such as teens working “long hours” end up in “mostly dead-end jobs.” It’s no wonder teens developed cynical attitudes toward work. I believe that work can In a way build character and teach responsibilities, but they shouldn’t work so much that it interferes with the school work and the learning process. Another point the authors brought up was the “major employers of teenagers should constantly lobby Washington to relax the restrictions on hours teens are permitted to work. Other reasons that they bring up in the article are suffering grades, could get involved in drugs and alcohol abuse, breaking laws, spending and not saving their money, and violating the spirit of adolescence. I agree with both of the authors when they say that teens should not work while studying and going to school…

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