Should Students Use Technology Devices Essay

1512 Words Jul 27th, 2015 7 Pages
Should students be allowed to use technology devices as a primary tool in class? Nowadays, technological devices such as computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones become one of the most important tools for students to study. Most students have at least one of those devices for their own. Technological devices have changed the world education in a better ways; most students use the devices for either studying or searching some good information, easy and fast. Moreover, education week informed that “hundreds of Lewisville students who had just received tablets were already using multiple devices to access and share information and assignments, work in groups, conduct experiments, and prepare presentations” (Herold 52). Therefore, all colleges and high schools should allow the students to use laptops/tablet computers in all classes because these devices can make studying easier and faster, and they also can improve educational experiences. Considering technology is so useful in peoples’ life nowadays, so why do not adapt it inside of the classroom? Looking back to last 20 years when technological devices were not involved much with education. All students had to find information they needed from the books or newspapers in the library or bookstore only and also instead of typing school paper and printing it out, they had to write it down, which sometimes it does not look professional for the paper such as essay or research papers. Plus, the students had to carry so many heavy…

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