Should Students Be Lawfully Good? A Chaotic World? Essay

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To be lawfully good in a chaotic world.

There is no denying that academic dishonesty is a problem in University’s education. As the education system is moving deeper into the informational age, plagiarism and cheating in general are getting easier and more complicated. It is, however, even more difficult for international students. While the percentage of cheating for domestic students in UC Davis is 2.6%, international students have a sizable 11.8% of them who cheat. This demonstrates that International students are five times more likely to cheat than domestic students. Due to differences in cultures, peer pressure and most often a language barrier, International Students may commit academic dishonesty, and while the act of cheating may be situationally justifiable, they are always inexcusable.

It is self-evident that the world is changing and the internet is the main component in its progress. Due to the fact that the internet is a massive network of connection between people, information spreads like wildfire and it is easier to search for things that you are interested in. Based on an experiment conducted by Dr. Dan Rigby from the Manchester University, in his research paper Eliciting the Illicit: Choosing to Cheat, 45% of students were certain that a peer had cheated during an essay, exam or test in the past year. Like it or not, more and more students will cheat, as tools for academic dishonesty are more and more accessible. It is however,…

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