Should Sports Be Allowed? Sports? Essay

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Gail Devers, a three-time Olympic track and field champion, once said, “It is so important for young children to be fit. I think sports are the key to success, because the challenges you face in sports prepare you for the rest of your life”. Sports are life changing. The physical, social, and mental skills gained from sports can completely alter the lifestyle of a child, and push them in the right direction. These skills can prepare children to overcome obstacles later in life. Sports can create a lifetime of happiness that can’t be achieved in anything else. Despite the risk of injuries, children should be allowed to play sports to stay in shape, develop character, and build self-confidence.
To begin, sports allow children to stay healthy and reduce medical risks. It was found that only six out of 10 children between the ages of five and fourteen participate in sports outside of school (Epstein 1). The numbers aren’t as high, resulting from the fear of injury. There are risks of playing sports. Although, the risk of injury should not restrict a child from playing sports. These risks that result from playing sports can occur, but that does not mean there aren’t ways to prevent these risks from happening. Making sure a child wears the proper protective gear, training before the sport to guarantee overall fitness and strength, and using suitable form and techniques can help prevent health risks overall (Epstein 11). but the health benefits outweigh these chances of risks. The…

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