Should School Uniforms Be Mandatory? Essay

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Image being a school aged child whose parents cannot afford to buy the newest or coolest clothes. Now imagine that everyday at school that child is bullied and made fun of for something that is out of their control. School uniforms have numerous benefits for both the student body and school administrators. Some of the benefits of implementing uniform requirements are; reduction in violence, closing the economic gap, and returning the focus of the academic environment to academics. There are several people who do not believe that uniforms are the answer to fixing the problems the United States of America faces in its schools, they are a modest step to correct a growing problem, but adults are responsible to forge every change they can to keep children safe. A myriad of schools have implemented uniforms as an attempt to help reduce violence on their grounds. In one particular school district in Long Beach, California uniforms were mandated. This was the first urban school district in the United States to require uniforms; the results were staggering. “In the first year following implementation, overall school crime decreased by 36%; sex offenses, by 74%; physical fights between students, by 51%; weapons offenses, by 50%; assault and battery offenses, by 34%; school suspensions, by 32%; and vandalism, by 18%” (King, 1998). These statics prove that although mandating uniforms did not fix all of the problems in the school district, it did significantly reduce them. The…

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