Should School Students Be At School And Mentally Prepared? Essay

956 Words Dec 17th, 2015 4 Pages
In Pen Argyl Area High School, students are required to be at school and mentally prepared to learn at 7:30. The majority of students are not well rested at a time this early in the morning. In a poll given by the National Sleep Foundation, eighty percent of the students believed that school should not start any earlier than eight, while only seventeen percent thought school should start before seven. Many high school students are opposed to the start time of 7:30. School’s beginning time should be pushed back to 8:30 because students need more sleep to be able to focus, their grades will improve with more sleeping time, and there will be an increase in their health.
If the starting time of school is pushed back an hour, students will be more rested and able to focus during classes. Nearly every high school student has an irregular sleeping pattern during the week. Moving the time will not completely repair their schedules, but it will greatly improve them. It has been proven that teenagers should be getting at least nine hours of sleep each night. In reality, according to a survey performed by the National Institute of Health, only nine percent of students actually receive the recommended nine hours. This survey has also shown that twenty percent of students sleep for less than five hours a night. The Journal of Youth and Adolescence found that the average amount of sleep for a teenager is only six and half hours. With school starting at 7:30, many high school students…

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