Should School Sports Be Allowed? More Academically, With Fewer Disciplinary Issues And Lower Dropout Rates?

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benefits, students who participate in sports do better academically, with fewer disciplinary issues and lower dropout rates. Christy Lleras from the journal Social Science Research said that students who participate in sports and other activities in high school earned more 10 years later, even compared to those with similar test scores! What Christy Lleras researched and proved, speaks for itself pretty clearly. It really hits home on the fact that high school sports teach you much more than just the smarts. Sports can get you scholarships for college education purposes, as well as offer justification for your academic efforts! So for those people who say they can 't play sports because of school work, you’re wrong on so many different levels! Coming from an athlete’s perspective, you should know that due dates can actually be extended far beyond what they actually should be if you play your cards right! Being a student athlete is proven to higher your GPA and will benefit your academic success in the classroom. Along with health and academic benefits, high school sports can dramatically improve life skills. Playing sports helps teenagers develop a healthy sense of competition within friendly, team-oriented environments. The partnership for the 21st century skills has published a list of what it calls life and career skills including flexibility, adaptability, productivity, accountability, leadership, and responsibility! Most teenagers find that the best way to acquire…

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