Should Public College Tuition Be Free? Essay

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Ever since I was a little kid, I always heard my parents talk about how they needed to start saving for my college. That seemed unimportant to me because I knew that I wouldn’t start college for many years. Both of my parents went to college without having a large financial backing so the concept of saving for college never seemed relevant to me. When I was a little bit older, I began to understand why it was important to start saving money. My uncle, who became an optometrist, had many financial difficulties because of his college expenses. After graduating, he had to take two jobs just to start paying off his debt while living in very uncomfortable conditions. His college debt prevented him from being able to start his career after he graduated, acting as a chain on him from reaching his potential. His experience and the notoriety that saving for college has taken in the United States has led me to ask the question: Should public college tuition be free? The first article that I found while exploring my topic was “Free College? We can afford it” published on the online site of The Washington Post by Katrina vanden Huevel, the editor and part owner of The Nation magazine. In this article, Vanden Huevel explores the issue of whether a public college education should be free for the masses and argues that having a free college system in America is a good, affordable idea. She brings into attention that many college students are graduating with heavy debt and are therefore…

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