Should Physician Aid For Terminally Ill Patients? Essay

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Issue #5- Can States Ban Physician Aid-in-Dying for Terminally Ill Patients?

Like playing a game of Russian Roulette- you have many opportunities for you to live (representing the blank rounds). Then you have that one fatal round, the choice to end your life. For terminally ill patients, this seems to be a favorable alternative that some have decided to elect for themselves. These terminally ill patients opt for that so-called “fatal round” because they wish to not suffer a prolonged and agonizing death as a result of their prognosis. Surfacing from this stance, is the issue of, “Can States Ban Physician Aid-in-Dying for Terminally Ill Patients? (Katsh, 2014)”
Regarding the “right to die”- are disputes over a person’s preference to end their life. There are fundamental issues that are presented that contain ample lawful aspects. The right to die also encompasses the act of physician-assisted aid-in-dying. However, according to a former Supreme Court Chief Justice, William H. Rehnquist-the act of Physician Aid-in-Dying is not protected within the parameters of the Constitution. Rehnquist comments that, although patients are given the right to decline life-sustaining treatment, obtaining aid from a general practitioner in effort to end your life is not. This decision, gives states to opportunity to prohibit this course of action.
This act however has continued growth of support. Judge Stephen Reinhardt disputes that banning the assistance from a physician in speeding up…

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