Essay about Should Performance Enhancing Drugs Be Legal?

1176 Words Nov 30th, 2016 5 Pages
As I was surfing the internet for a topic I came across an article titled “Allowing drugs in some sports competitions will allow us to keep others clean.” It found this to be a very strange claim and decided to look more into it. After further looking into this claim I decided to make the topic of my paper “Should performance enhancing drugs be legal to use in sports.” In the paper I will be focusing on one of the most well known performance enhancers: anabolic steroids. I am completely against using steroids to improve your ability to play sports. There are people in working hard every single day to become the best in whatever sport they are playing and it is not fair to have someone come in and take short cuts to become the best. Some could argue that if they allowed steroids in sports it would level the playing field but I think that sets a horrible example. Kids lookup to famous athletes as role models and will follow their example. Not only does using steroids show kids that if they use short cuts they can still get to where they want to be, it also promotes something that is extremely unhealthy. As I was writing this paper I asked few people their thoughts on the subject. Most people agreed with the fact that steroids should be completely illegal in sporting events and people should have to rely on talent and hard work. One person said that they should legalize the steroids for everyone that way it would “even the playing field” SITE. Personally I can partially see…

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