Essay on Should Marijuana Be Legal?

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Marijuana is illegal in the state of Florida and has been over decades. Citizens are trying to legalize Marijuana because, we feel that it does not harm any human physically and mentally. Also, Marijuana has varieties of names: weed, pot, trees and grass. Some people supports legalizing marijuana for medicinal benefits, not dangerous as other drugs, and people should be able to do if they want. Others feels as it is a addictive drug, bad for young adults, and bad for society and individuals.
Marijuana causes good benefits like treating your glaucoma by decreasing lost of vision; improve lung health by having no chemicals of therapeutic; helps people who diagnosis with something or very sick and changes your body languages, attitude, and energy. Physically marijuana can be used as a pain killer for medically reactions including produce a good feeling or well-being.
The cause on the body mentally of smoking weed has an affect on a certain part of the human brain. It causes hallucinations, mood swings, and impaired judgements. Also, reduces stress and anxiety; it keeps you calm and more focus at work. Sometimes you have to be cautious because some people that are beginners cannot handle it. Marijuana can be used as medicine to help energize appetite and release nausea in cancer and AIDS. Marijuana is a hemp plant which is a valuable natural resource. Legalizing marijuana would put an end of people getting arrested for Marijuana in possession.
Individual who are willing to use…

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