Should Marijuana Be Legal? Essay

1430 Words May 25th, 2016 6 Pages
The year was 1933 and the United States was going through a turbulent time in its history. With the great depression in full swing there wasn’t much to be happy about. However one little ray of sunshine shone through the cloud of darkness that had cloaked the United States. The prohibition had finally ended. So even though times were bad for US citizens, at least they could crack open a cold one to watch it all happen. We are living in a prohibition of sorts right now, not with alcohol but with marijuana. Marijuana legalization is a very important issue. Legalization could either threaten the safety of you and your family or redeem a long lost liberty and usher in a new era of freedom… Depending on who you ask. Proponents of marijuana legalization will list off some of the following pros that marijuana legalization can bring: Economic Potential, Personal Freedom, Reduced Organized Crime, Racial equality in American prisons and Medical benefits.
Pot-protesters will list off some of the following cons: Child Possession, pot’s Addictive Properties, Bodily harm, IQ damage, And a concentration of crime in some areas. I will not get through all of these today, however I will cover as much as I can. I have studied extensively for this project by: Reading books such as this one called “Weed the People”. talking regularly with family and friends over the subject, doing my own Personal Research online and at the library, and talking to a couple of supporters and those against…

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