Essay on Should Marijuana Be Legal Issue For Canada?

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Legalizing Cannabis

Legalizing Cannabis – Culminating Essay

Is cannabis really that big of a legal issue for Canada? It may be an illegal drug, but the illegality is questioned based on the events surrounding the initial prohibition of Cannabis. Cannabis is defiantly a drug that alters one’s mind, it also has its downfalls, but there are many more pros than cons. The essay will explore those pros and weigh there values versus the perceived disadvantage of cannabis. Cannabis is also known as marijuana, it is derived of the Cannabis plants leaves and flowers. The leaves and flowers contain THC, which gives the high to marijuana [ ][ ]. Cannabis was first made illegal with the Opium Act of 1908 introduced by Mackenzie King[ ]. In 1908 the illegalization was not very influential nor enforced actively, until 1930’s. The events surrounding the illegalization of cannabis have been questioned many times; it is believed that the pressing facts at that time that led to the illegalization were influenced heavily by racism and fear. There was not any scientific research or method to illegalizing cannabis, it was made illegal based on fear that women and girls were starting to use the drug and also based on racism because majority of cannabis users were racial minorities[ ]. Canada was also trying to follow along with other countries in illegalizing cannabis such as the United States, but the US illegalized it also based on fear, racism, personal growth and career…

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