Should Law Enforcement Be Legal? Essay examples

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School shootings have become very frequent and common in the last two decades. Many young lives have been lost in the hands of fellow classmates and several intruders. Question is, why are so many lives being lost when we have authorities to prevent that? Law enforcement is put into place to protect all civilians from any harm. Schools are a very important part of our society. It is where our future doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc. are.parents send their children off to school everyday in hopes that they are just as safe there as they are in their own homes. There is no reason why any parent should ever get that phone call informing them that one of their children in dead. Government should grant a total of 2+ police officers per school in order to make taxpayer’s money worth it, instill safety into the student body, and prevent school shootings. Taxpayers pay their dues and one of them involves school district taxes. Sometimes schools decide to spend their money on not so necessary items or events for the school. Truth is they should be investing all that money on more important things like reinforcing security within the school by getting government to sign off on permission of two police officers to remain on the premises at all times. This would make all parents of the students very satisfied with the security within the school and would help run the school in a more smoother fashion. Maybe replacing the old textbooks in the library for new tablets is not an…

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