Should Juveniles be tried as Adults? Essay

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Should Juveniles be tried as Adults?

Should Juveniles be Tried as Adults? The law states that any person under the age of 18 is classified to be a juvenile and when they commit a crime they are tried in the juvenile court system. Although this is true with most cases there are times when the state will allow youths under the age of 18 to be tried as adults. This differs from state to state as each state has their own rulings. If a juvenile is tried as an adult they will stay classified that way and will be tried for any other offenses even if they are still juveniles as an adult. According to Stalans, & Henry (1994, p. 675-6) “they state
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M., 2004, p. 583-4).
Against Juveniles be Tried as Adults
There are many debates as to the ethical reasons for and against the law that juveniles should be tried as adults when they commit a crime that is classified as bad (murder). The people who are against allowing juveniles to be tried as adults say they are too young, immature and incompetent to understand what they are doing. There have been arguments as to the age that a juvenile is responsible for their crime and this can only be “determined by individual assessments of a child or adolescent’s level of psychological maturation, relative to his or her level of responsibility, impulsivity, decision-making, understanding of consequences, and capacity for rehabilitation” (Dozortseva, E. G., 2009, p. 1). When the offender is given a chance to rehabilitate they can change their life around and this is better for society. When a juvenile is sent to prison as an adult they do not get any help to rehabilitate and the possibilities of what they learned in prison they will bring back with them when they get out and will commit a crime again.
Juveniles according to those against the law feel that they do not have the intellectual or moral capacity to understand the consequences. They feel that although they do know where and how to shoot a gun it was the adults who taught them and gave them access to the weapons. They feel that they are the ones that should take the punishment along with the child. The

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