Essay on Should High School Students Be Allowed to Use Birth Control?

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Snacks are my best friend
Never turn a snack down
Apples dipped in caramel are my favorite
Candy is loved very much by me keep an snack a day to keep the problems away


Repeat that, repeat,
Cuckoo, bird, and open ear wells, heart-springs, delightfully sweet,
With a ballad, with a ballad, a rebound
Off trundled timber and scoops of the hillside ground, hollow hollow hollow ground:
The whole landscape flushes on a sudden at a sound.

Author: Gernard Manley Name: Repeat that Repeat Def: a simple narrative poem of folk origin, composed in short stanzas adapted for singing

Blank Verse:

The world is a heavy boulder, both in bulk and severity...
We can lighten the burden - it’s up to you and up to
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Season of mists and yellow fruitfulness,
Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun;
Conspiring with him how to load and bless with fruit vines that round the thatch-eyes run

Author: John Keats Name: To Autumn Def: euphony is used for effects which are pleasant, rhythmical and harmonious

Free Verse:
I write when I'm bored with nothing to do.
I write when I'm sad and thinking of you. I write to create and arrange my thoughts.
I write to express all the things I have fought. I write to avoid things that make me distraught.
I write to run and elude getting caught. I write to lift me up though I'm already high.
I write to live and not let life pass me by. I write to release a pressure pinned heart.
I write to release what could tear me apart. I write, in a way, to quiet my mind.
I write to illuminate the things that once shined. Writing is a passion, a way to stay aligned.
Writing is a

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