Essay on Should High School Be Banned?

820 Words Nov 11th, 2015 4 Pages
2015 is no Jestons future, but we are definitely living in a modern era. Items like cell phones and the Internet, which makes communication hundreds of times faster than in the past, are incredibly common. A relative can easily post “Happy birthday!” on a person’s Facebook page, or a daughter can send a quick “I’m leaving” text to her mom. Unfortunately, not all of this new cyber communication is being used for good; instead, teenagers have taken up bullying over technology. Most schools do not currently have the authority to punish students for cyberbullying, which doesn’t help to correct the issue. High schools should be allowed to punish students for cyberbullying because the school has an obligation to protect its students and teach them that actions have consequences, and similar consequences for similar actions are already in place. Given that education workers are considered public servants (the same class that doctors and police officers are a part of), schools should have the right to punish cyberbullies. Public servants are meant to do the public good by protecting citizens, and even though cyberbullying victimizes students, teachers are not currently able to protect them from this harm. Also, teachers should have the ability to control what affects their domain. explains it as such: “School is the center of kids ' lives. Online harassment may take place on nights and at home, but the fallout is often seen at school and can interfere with the…

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