Should Healthcare Professionals Continue At Aspirate During Intramuscular ( Im ) Injections

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Healthcare Problem
The topic under discussion here is should healthcare professionals continue to aspirate during intramuscular (IM) injections. Administering injections is a basic nursing activity and can be a great source of anxiety for the individual on the receiving end. Can we change that or help to relieve the pain and anxiety by changing our practice? Aspirating during IM injection leads to increased duration of injection time. Does this lead to more pain and anxiety? And will we be able to maintain patient safety if we stop aspirating when we administer medications intramuscularly?
Current practice varies between institutions and between healthcare professionals Aspiration has long been taught in the nursing profession as the golden rule and many nurse and medical assistants continue to perform this way. However, there are other practices who state that this is no longer the preferred method with some injection site exceptions. This discrepancy in procedure means that the need for further research and education is necessary.
Aspirating is no longer practiced in vaccination/immunization settings. The thinking behind this is that it is not necessary because of the injection sites and the fact that there are no major blood vessels in the sites that are used. It seems that this idea could transfer to other settings. It is understood that the need for aspiration when using the gluteal site continues to be necessary, because of its relation to the gluteal artery. However…

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