Essay about Should Handguns Be Allowed On Campus?

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Within the criminal justice system one of the most renowned weapons used, is a handgun. It has been around as early as 1364, when the first firearm was built. The invention of handguns started off as a tool of protection and tactical defense, but later evolved into many more uses such as hunting, sports and even hobbies. Many have considered it to be one of the greatest inventions but like any other inventions there are flaws that comes with it, like being known as one of the biggest cause of deaths. In 2013 when all 50 states gained the rights to carrying a concealed handgun, it became a dilemma. As 22 states are allowed to decide whether concealed handguns are permitted on school campus or not. 7 states actually allow individuals to carry concealed handguns on campus grounds. There are tons of arguments out there that debates whether concealed weapons being allowed on campus would help individuals feel more safe or threatened by it.
Deter Crime or Increase of Crime
One might say that carrying a concealed handgun can help deter crime rather than instigating a crime. According to students are more likely to arm themselves for self defense in case if there were any acts of aggression towards or within the school and for them to feel a sense security when carrying one. For instance, when University of Colorado Boulder first announced their rights to carry a concealed weapon; a spokesman named David Burnett from a national group that advocates the right to carry…

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