Should Guns Be Banned From College Campuses? Essay

984 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 4 Pages
One Argument Three Ways The issue of gun control has raised many different concerns and arguments throughout the world we live in. It raises the general question, “should guns be banned or should anyone be allowed to own them?” This controversial topic has now started to influence college campus policy, regarding whether or not students should be able to carry concealed weapons on campus. Throughout this paper I will be tailoring to three different audiences; academic, civic, and a personal audience. My thesis statement is as follows: concealed weapons should not be allowed on college campuses because it will only increase violence. Therefore, guns should be banned from college campuses. With each of these audiences I will explain my argument to appeal to a specific audience. For example, when appealing to the academic audience, I will focus on specific data and statistics from faculty, students, and administrators stating their view on gun control and why they should not be allowed on campus. When appealing to the civic audience, I will pretend that my audience is made up of college students. With this I will be able to focus on relating this issue to students because of the controversy of guns being allowed on college campuses. I will discuss the different concerns of administrators, if the law allowing guns on college campuses follows through. This group of college students will generally value the opinions of faculty members. If guns were allowed on campuses, students…

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