Should Guns Be Allowed On Campus Essay

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Should Guns Be Allowed On College Campuses

We have been hearing about gun related violence across the country in recent years and some of the occurrences have been at schools. Many people question if our schools because of these events. People are torn down the middle about “Gun Violence”, some people say it is the person who commits the crime while other blame the gun used in the offence. Everyone now has more safety concerns everywhere we go and that is no more prevalent than in our schools. There have been debates about, should guns be allowed in schools. It seems that our college campuses already have guns on them for instance, if you happen to notice a security guard or campus police, they are armed, now that does vary from state to state and luckily we are here in Texas where that is allowed. I think guns should be allowed on campuses. Schools are over all safer if guns are allowed on campus for a several of reason ranging from them being less likely to be attacked to deterring a shooter. As I stated earlier guns are already on college campuses so that is not the real question. The underling question is deeper than that. If you are asking should staff or students be armed than that is a different question that should
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When we look back when these horrible things have happened we see that the perpetrator planed his or her actions, in some cases it was months or so of planning. How big of an impact can you imagine if the perpetrator knew that his might not be able to go through with his plan because he would be stopped? No one looks at a bank full of security and cops and says “I am going to go rob that Bank”, in broad daylight. How many people walk into a police station and open fire at police officers? Shooting on our basses was unheard of until we disarmed our military on base. In a Fox News Report Chicago has the tough gun laws, but leads the country in gun

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