Should Gun Control Laws Be More Strict? Essay

853 Words Nov 7th, 2016 4 Pages
Should Gun Control Laws Be More Strict? Many individuals do not believe that carrying a gun will make them safer; On the contrary many of them carry both openly and concealed and society is better for it. One could ask why society would be better for it? There are many answers someone could provide, but one of the most logical ones would be "If they did somehow manage to take away legal weapons? That would still leave criminals happily armed" (Burrus,2015). That is a scary thing to think about when you are in a dangerous situation, or if someone else was in a dangerous situation and could not be helped because of the gun control law. One could say that guns kill people, or argue that people kill people; People get stabbed,but you do not see the goverment banning knives. Many people believe that stricter gun control laws will solve many of this countries crime issues, but it will not save lives, public places are less safe without concealed weapons, and they will not reduce crime. Stricter gun control laws will not save the lives of people in this country in fact, it might make more people die."Thousands of citizens have been able to save their own lives with firearms because a gun was available to them" (Wright,2012). What one could conclude from that statement is that id those people were not permitted to have their firearms with them who knows what could have happned to them or the person they were trying to…

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