Should Gm Foods Be Labeled Essay

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Since it was decided that every separate GM product needs a number of tests run on it by the national government regulatory committees, the process has become much slower (U.S. General Accounting Office, 1). GM foods and crops are being regulated similarly to prescription drugs, even though there is no true evidence that they have more risks than conventional foods and crops.
The ultimate question is “should GM foods be labeled?”. According to agricultural businesses, labeling of GM foods should be the producers. If consumers were to prefer them to be labeled instead of not, then the businesses would rather regulate it rather than run the risk of a decline in business (Whitman, Deborah 9). However, many consumers support the mandatory labeling of all GM foods. They believe that others deserve the right to know what they are putting in their bodies, and in the past the food industry has failed to comply with existing
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The advantages that GM crops have in comparison to conventionally grown crops outweigh the cost to create a GMO. The ability for GM crops to yield crops in various environments, help fight vitamin A deficiency, be produced year round, and save you money show that GMOs are products that will be necessary for advancement of the modern world. In the last few decades, we have not witnessed any negative affects from the consumption of GM foods by humans which means that they are safe as far as we know. As time progresses, scientists will continue to test GMOs and ensure that they are safe for consumption and hopefully produce more GMOs. While people have various opinions about the consumption of genetically modified foods, as well as the companies in charge of producing these foods, the ultimate conclusion about GM foods should be made by the consumer. The consumer should be well-informed about GMOs not sheltered by those in power which may not be primarily concerned with the public’s

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