Persuasive Essay On GM Crops

GM crops is a very controversial topic that is being discussed around the world. GM crops are plants that have been genetically altered in order to become more efficient. Having food is very important to human life. We are being presented with an opportunity to improve our health and lives through genetically modified crops. They not only provide a substantial amount of nutrition, they can help us create vaccines, they make it easier to to care of the crops, and they can be improved to create healthy and strong plants. As for the concerns, there are worries but they haven’t come true yet. This is why there will be laws discussed later on that should be passed in order to make these crops, but do know that the world 's growing population will …show more content…
There are many ethical implications concerning GM crops, like allergies and disease, damages to the environment, cross pollination, and food web risks. People are concerned that the gene of interest could be taken from an allergenic organism and placed into another one that does not cause allergies, which may cause a person to be exposed to an allergen, which could lead to an allergic reaction (Ethical). People also fear that new allergies can rise through the mixing of genes between two organisms. As for diseases, many worry that GM foods will cause new disease in humans since the GM crops are modified with DNA from a bacterium or virus (Ethical). There is not enough evidence of damage towards the environment, but it is a concern that many people have. They fear that the GM crops could grow uncontrollably and get mixed with the non-modified crops. For cross-pollination, people fear that genes from GM crops will spread to other plants, which could then create many weeds that cannot be controlled (Ethical). The last risk that GM crops could have are damages towards the food web. Any pesticide or herbicide that 's from the plant could injure organisms in the environment. An animal or organism could consume the GM crop, and can become ill and possibly die. North American studies have shown that “caterpillars of the monarch butterfly were killed when they fed on pollen from GM corn crops” (Ethnical). Industries, governments, and many academic scientists are for GM crops (not all of them, but most) for agriculture, ecosystems, and human health benefits as well as being able to feed a growing world population. Many consumer groups, environmental activists, religious organizations, and some scientists are against GM crops due to future health issues ,

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