Should Gay Rights Be Gay? Essay

1003 Words Aug 29th, 2015 null Page
Fear has always been around for long time, and if someone who is homosexual, fears of what their families will think about them, and how other’s will treat them on the outside. Some who are homosexual are afraid to come out due to fact that they know their mom and dad don’t believe in gay rights, and that will affect their relationship in bad way. Their biggest fear for being gay is their parents might abandon their relationship as son/daughter and they have to go out in the world without them. Even in the outside world, they might get bullied for being who they are, other’s want to fight them because of their sexuality and have to live in fear every time they walk outside their home and wander what might happen to them. In the past was tougher than it is today being gay, there is documentary called “Before Stonewall” where gay Americans in the 1950’s and 1960’s faced anti-gay system. This documentary had many violent behaviors towards gays, police raids and the gays had literally fought for their rights. This documentary open my eyes even more knowing that it was really hard for gay to live in that modern age. In the past they tougher government, where federal bureau investigation (FBI) and local police kept record of someone who is gay, their friends and where they favorite establishment was. The government would find out about it, they would locked them up even in they were minors as well. The Stonewall was in Inn run by mafia during that times and the police…

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