Homosexuals Before Stonewall

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The LGBTQ population has long been marginalized and until very recently did not gain a significant portion of equality. Even, now the community faces troubles and a threat of losing some of their gains after this upcoming election. The documentary Before Stonewall, showcases the gay movement and how over time the gay movement came to be what it was by the time of
In the1920s, the gay population had to hide and use symbols to know the other person was also gay. An example of this was wearing a red tie or a matching tie and handkerchief. There were groups of gay and lesbian people gathering in bohemian neighborhoods. In these neighborhoods people could meet each other during parties. In these parties and sometimes bars and clubs there
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Later on, the first group about homosexuality was created and it was seen as bold and courageous because of the dangers that they faced. Writing about homosexuality began to surface in magazines which allowed people to feel more united. People began researching them and showing the prevalence of homosexuality and how they could be well adjusted the same as a heterosexual person. At this time, homosexuals still faced their families disowning them. They would often be harassed in the streets so it was safer being masculine and feminine in their couples in order to pass as a heterosexual couple. It seemed men expressed more of a variety of masculine and feminine qualities than women at the time. These people were arrested a lot by

police who would trick them to arrest them. After the arrests, the police would publish their names in the paper and they would lose their jobs and be outed to their families.
In the 1960s with all of the civil rights movements, homosexuals began to feel the liberation. Since these groups were being militant and trying to fight for their rights there
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Homosexuals had a breakthrough into mainstream publicity. Even so, they still hid themselves by trying to appear straight so that they could be employed. With the DSM, people considered homosexuals mentally ill which caused them even more issues with employment. As time went on and the hippie movement happened, more homosexuals joined it and it allowed people to feel free and happy for some time.
President Obama’s designation of the Stonewall area as a National Historic Site is a

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