The 1960s Counterculture Movement

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Overarching Question: Why did people depart from traditionalist values to form the 1960s counterculture movement, and how did this impact what was viewed as “acceptable behavior” in the United States?
The counterculture movement occurred during the 1960s (The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica, 2017):
“Hippie” is from hip, meaning following the latest fashion.
Hippies are associated with rainbow colors, peace signs, and drug use.
The hippie movement originated when the baby boomer generation entered college (Olson & Freeman, 2017):
Hippies shared similar opinions on drugs, war, and free speech
Many rejected the suburban conformity designed by their parents.
Although many viewed the counterculture movement as a bad influence inspired by the
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The liberal counterculture movement disapproved of this.
Sexism and homophobia alienated many people from society.
Being gay was illegal in most states during the 1960s - in 1970-80, many states repealed sodomy laws because of lawsuits (ACLU, 2003)
Women couldn’t have credit cards until the Equal Credit Opportunity Act in 1974 (FTC, 2013).
When people are alienated from groups, anger and resentment tend to grow. This anger likely formed the basis of the counterculture movement.
People in the early 60s felt pushed away from mainstream culture, so they rejected it. This movement helped America’s society become more liberal and accept minorities as they were.
The Vietnam War had a great influence on counterculture’s anti-war opinions. The hippies’ protests affected the U.S. foreign policy in Vietnam and led to the withdrawal of troops and the end of U.S. involvement.
Hippies protested for racial equality alongside African Americans during the 1960s. This was because of their shared views such as brotherhood and equality.
The counterculture movement paved the way for legislation that allowed racial equality, LGBT rights, and women’s rights - legislation enacted during or shortly after the movement

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