Should Gay Marriage Be Legalized? Essay examples

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In this day and age, many things are changing. The world is (slowly) growing to be a much more modern and accepting place. The LGBT community is more accepted than it has ever been before, especially considering that gay marriage has just been legalized. Despite the small changes that America has made to accommodate this marginalized group; many people feel like they don 't deserve right at all. Thousands of people think that the LGBT community is such a foreign concept and their default reaction is fear. It is ironic how so many people can feel like the thought of being gay or transgender is so entirely new because it 's been around for hundreds and thousands of years.

When I was younger I remember having one cousin who was gay and I was too young to understand what that really meant but my family reacted harshly. I come from a family of true Jamaicans which is arguably the most homophobic of all the islands. To this day, she is still exiled and I never see her anymore. I couldn’t understand why my family had shunned her and no one would answer my questions so I had to find out on my own. When I found out what being gay meant, that brought up a plethora of other questions like why was is so important and why is it a bad thing. Through the process of asking my mom questions and doing my own research I’d come to my own conclusion that being gay was fine and I would be different from the rest of my family. The thing I found the most intriguing is that this history of gay…

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