Essay on Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?

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Gay Marriage
Should gay people be allowed to get married? This question has been the cause of a lot of controversy for the last few years. Whether it is because of religion, personal belief, or simply how we were raised, almost everyone has an opinion one way or another. My personal belief is that, regardless of whether they are a man and a woman in love, two men, or two women, two adults who are truly in love with one another should be allowed to legally be wed. My opinion is not biased in any way. I am of Christian faith, I am straight, and I have no gay family members or friends. The reason I feel this way about this subject is simply because I do not approve of the withholding of rights from any group of people. Regardless of any differences we may have.
Who is to say that the love of two people of the same gender is any less real than that of a man and a woman? I feel that any two people who truly wish to be together should have every right to do so.
Not allowing gay people the same rights as everyone else is very similar to not allowing women to vote, or African Americans to drink from the same water fountain or use the same restroom. History has a way of repeating itself. Think about how racism and sexism are so frowned upon in today’s society. Don’t you think that those who oppose gay rights today will be looked at the same way a few years from now? I believe that every person is equal, no matter of your gender, skin color, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. There…

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