Should Curricular Activities Help Your Future Or Harm? Essay

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Will Extra Curricular Activities Help Your Future Or Harm?
Often, extracurricular activity is seen to have a positive effects on a student’s grade point average and academic success (Wang, Jing, Shiveley, Johathan, n.d ). Extracurricular activities ranging from sports to debate club are seen not only to help the student maintain a higher GPA (grade point average), but also make for a better caliber student and member of their university (Hollrah, Rachel n.d.). Further, studies have shown that extracurricular activities better the person as a whole, limiting behavioral issues such as bipolar disorder, anxiety, social anxiety, etc. (Massoni, E 2011). Limiting behavioral issues helps the student be able to participate in his or her community, creating friendships, and a more comfortable transition from home to school (Massoni, E 2011).
Some studies have shown that if a student goes into college attending clubs, activities, sports, etc that they are more prone to attending and graduating rather than an uninvolved student entering into college (Fujita, n.d.). This would make sense as some students do not make it in college because they feel a sense of loneliness and abandonment from friends and/or family; students in these circumstances end up inevitably feeling isolated, causing their grades to drop. Furthermore, participating in sports, debate club, money management clubs, and similar activities, leads to future successes in these students’ lives, which he or she may not…

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