Should College Worth The Crippling Debt? Essay

1359 Words Mar 2nd, 2016 null Page
“With more than $1 trillion in student loans outstanding in this country, crippling debt is no longer confined to dropouts from for-profit colleges or graduate students who owe on many years of education...” (Martin and Lehren 4). After graduating with an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree, many students leave school in thousands of dollars of debt. Is going to college worth the crippling debt afterwards? Many graduates may agree that it is worth the time and money because the experience opens up many more opportunities. Having a college degree does not guarantee a job after school, but it does put graduates in a better position of getting a job than those who do not go to college. Paying for college is not easy because of the overwhelming prices of tuition and fees. However, there are numerous solutions that help combat future school debt such as; scholarships, financial aid, and staying in-state . After high school, many students wonder if college is worth their time and money. Not only that, but many students are not financially stable enough to even attend high school. Many of these students have only the bare essentials that could last them the entire year. Because of inflation, the cost of tuition and fees continues to increase faster than medical spending. (Martin and Lehren 5). A majority of families already have their own financial issues to worry about and adding college tuition and fees would make their situation much worse. The increase of college…

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