Should College Sports Be Paid? Essays

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Imagine having a job where you have to work long hours doing hard labor, sweating, bleeding, doing all kinds of physical work for hours each day for weeks and weeks, and after those long vigorous hours of work you do not receive any payment in return. According to two professors from Michigan State University, Robert and Amy McCormick that is what is exactly happening to athletes when they play sports at the college level. (McCormick, R., & McCormick, A. (2006)) believe that playing college sports are more that an extracurricular activity and should be viewed more like a job. Under common law football and basketball athletes are considered employees. The common law has three tests of it, one is the right of other’s to control a person’s activity, whether that person is compensated, and lastly if that person is economically dependent on that compensation. If athletes are considered employees under common law shouldn’t athletes get paid like one?
Athletics on campus is the reason many students attend college to fulfill the experiences of those sports. There are many advantages and disadvantages of paying student-athletes but because of the NCAA amateurism rules they are not allowed to earn money. Student-Athletes sign a letter of intent to perform to the best of their abilities to help their team win for four-year contract. Within playing a year or a few years of their sport they tend to build a fan base. Once the school’s marketing director tends to see many people like a…

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