Essay about Should College Cost So Much? Tuition?

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Over the past 30 years the cost of college has constantly escalated and grown to the point where it’s becoming more and more unaffordable and less and less of a realistic option for Americans, leaving many students and parents wondering, why does college cost so much? Tuition is the amount of money students pay to attend college. There are various fees inside tuition. Sports and clubs, the cost to stay current and build new infrastructure, faculty salary, the money paid to teachers to compensate for their excellent work, and ensuring the school runs well colleges hire administrators, which includes presidents, deans, etc. Every year over twenty million Americans walk through the doors of colleges seeking a better education and a chance at success in life. One out of three of those students also attend an out of state University. Upon graduation, they are hit with a national average of two hundred and seventy thousand dollars in good old American debt. Over the past thirty years, inflation of college has outplaced every single item in the world, even such things as a house during the housing market crash and the price of gas, which has seen major public outcry due to its steady rise in cost in the last couple of years. These two have not experienced anything close to the amount of inflation that has gone on in the market for higher education. In 1980 the cost of college education was thirty one hundred dollars per year. In a matter of ten years that price doubled to 6500…

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