Should College Be The Best Option For Achieving Success? Essay

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Should Everyone Go To College?
Many parents have the mindset that a person who does not go to college will eventually fail in life. That perhaps is the reason why most parents pressure their sons and daughters to get a college degree. It is understandable that a parent would want their children to succeed in life, but is college the best way for everybody to achieve success in life? What about the other people, the ones who does not have an opportunity nor have the right skills to succeed in college? It is true that college education can bring great benefits for many people, not everyone is suitable for attending college.
There are many good reasons why most people think that college is the best option for achieving success. Many researches have been conducted and proved that people who have a college degree can have a higher salary than those who only earned a high school diploma. Hamilton Project research shows that 23 to 25-year-olds with bachelor’s degrees can make $12,000 more than those who are high school graduate. Additionally, by the time a person who has a bachelor’s degree reach the age of 50, the gap has been increased to $46,000. (Owen and Sawhill 211). According to these statistics, they certainly show that attending college can really make a significant difference in a person’s future. Perhaps this kind of statistics are one of the reason why people usually correlate college to success. But there is a problem, these statistics are not enough to prove that…

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