Should College Be Paid For College? Essay

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Most millennials constantly want to stay in trend so they believe that a high-paying job is very important. With the state of the economy, I agree I feel the same way. College is a means of furthering one’s education, gaining more knowledge and a foundation stone to securing a career. However, the bane of going to most college is paying tuition and fees. This is unsurprising, nothing good comes for free and neither does a college education. At this junction, is where we each differ? Some decide to go to cheaper colleges, while others yearn for a much better standard education. Consequentially, the best colleges cost more. Though the problem is not solely about going to the cheaper or expensive college, it is about building an effective financial plan towards whatever kind of college you choose. Financial aid is available to this cause but accepting student loans should be generally avoided. I believe college students need to be aware of the abundant means existing to pay for college aside utilizing student loan; college students should regard accepting student loan as a last financial resort. Many people would accept my previous statement to be common knowledge but it seems not be so. Most student loan seekers are either not fully aware of the disadvantages of student loan or do not consider this disadvantages.
A piece I came across while researching titled “Student Loan: Know Before You Owe” by Janna Jones, a freelance writer and editor of GO! Magazine, provides background…

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