Should College Athletes Get Paid? Essays

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Should college athletes get paid?
According to the NCAA there are more than 460,000 student athletes playing more than 24 different types of sports across the United States. If you are a college athlete or not, we are all familiar with college sports in some type of way. What we are not all familiar with is how college sports is a multi billion dollar business. The NCAA is a member led organization that overviews anything that a college athlete. The NCAA is a billion dollar organization that makes money straight off of college athletics. Even though it is a non profit organization it still makes billions. It maintains this non profit title due to a common academic mission which it shares with the universities and colleges. But the real problem is how there are unrecognized employees within universities and colleges called student athletes. Even though scholarships to help a majority of athletes financially, athletes should be able to share some of the profits that universities profit from.
First you need to know how scholarships work. A scholarship is a financial award to help someone pay for college. You can receive a scholarship for almost anything but the most common two types of scholarships are academic and an athletic scholarship. Based on your test score and grades in high school the amount of money you receive depends on these factors. As
1 Izzo an athlete whether or not you get a scholarship depends on your grades in school and how you perform in your sport. But…

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