Should College Athletes Be Paid? Essay

1234 Words Dec 4th, 2014 null Page
Over the last decade, the question of whether or not to pay collegiate student-athletes has been heavily debated. With increasing revenues for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), major athletic conferences, and BCS (Bowl Championship Series) universities, many people believe that everyone is benefitting from college athletics except for the student athletes. On the other side of the issue, the NCAA argues that student athletes are paid through athletic scholarships which in most cases, at the Division I level, consist of tuition, room, board, and books. Although the definition of amateurism has loosened over the years, the NCAA was founded on the principle of amateurism with the intention that student-athletes compete without payment.
The NCAA has faced several lawsuits that indirectly address this issue but it has prevailed in each case, until the O’Bannon v. NCAA case, also referred to as the NCAA Student-Athlete Name & Likeness Licensing Litigation after several other former student athletes joined as plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit (Vint). Former UCLA basketball player, Ed O’Bannon, sued the NCAA and the Collegiate Licensing Company for using his image and the image of other athletes in products such as video games. The Collegiate Licensing Company decided to leave the case and make a million dollar settlement with current and former athletes who appeared in EA Sports basketball and football games. The O’Bannon case took a major turn in January,…

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