Essay on Should College Athletes Be Paid

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November 10, 2011

Paying College Athletes? Might Not Be a Bad Thing

College athletes are some of the hardest working individuals around. Athletes have a routine that includes brutal practices, intense games, and difficult college courses. College athletes carry a tremendous weight on their shoulders. Compensation for college athletes has been a controversial subject for years. Many individuals have their arguments in support of each side. However, no definite decision has been determined in this matter. College athletes should get paid for their performance because their sport is their job; the players have other financial responsibilities they need to handle and their
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It seems impossible for athletes to get and hold a job even in the offseason due to commitments they have involving their team and school. Taking the ability to make cash from them and then expecting them to live off of a few hundred dollars really will not work in the financial world we live in. Think about it, they can't make their own money with a job so they have to use the little bit of money they are given by the school. They can't have a life because most of the money goes into food. For example, a college athlete has a monthly cell phone bill, the desire to shop for cloths and shoes as well as the want to eat at fast food restaurants around the campus. The lack of funds in their pockets prevents them from living the life a normal college student lives. Former University of Memphis star and current NBA player Derrick Rose said he didn’t have funds to get the new shoes, pay his monthly cell phone bill, nor did he have money to get a weekly haircut. Derrick said, “Times were hard and with no money in his pockets to do things he loved were sometimes impossible to do” (Watkins 4). Some ways that have been brought up to the NCAA for players to make some extra money the right way include have signings in which the player keeps the money made for what they sign, also mandatory financial classes should be taken by athletes, so they know how to better handle money they

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