Essay on Should College Athletes Be Paid?

1747 Words Dec 11th, 2015 7 Pages
College athletes have been playing without pay for a very long time. As we watch these athletes play for our amusement, we look at them as just athletes. But they are more than just a group of talented kids who love to play a particularly popular sport. They are students, and student-athletes do not get paid like professional players do. They are paid in practically free schooling to the college they play for. Some think that this type of pay is very fair and is an adequate way to pay these talented students. As others believe that this type of pay is not enough and that the student-athletes should be compensated for all the billions and billions of dollars that they make the NCAA each year. Whatever someone may think, these student-athletes do not need more pay other than the scholarships that they already receive. Free schooling is a lot more than most college students get when attending. Even with non-athletic scholarships, they must put in a big sum of their own money, which most of the time results with them leaving college in debt, starting their lives already owing someone money. They are already compensated with the scholarships the school is giving them to play the sport of their choice. So they are already being compensated, just not in money as many would hope. Lawyers have brought up the idea and has gone to court for the idea of paying athletes a mere 5,000 dollars a year as “compensation”. One might think that that is a reasonable amount of money and that it…

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