Should College Athletes Be Paid? Essay

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Money for Amateurs?
If a group of students attending college for free demanded payment for a game they play after school, would that seem fair? College attendees are there to get an education. Some of the students are athletes. College athletes should not receive a salary because they already receive benefits that are not available to other attendees, they would lose track of their purpose for attending college, and paying college athletes creates complications due to the need to pay other organizations.
Student athletes should not be able to receive a paycheck because they collect numerous benefits not attainable by other students. Primarily, According to Mark Murphy, scholarships are good enough:
Mark Murphy, Director of Athletics at Northwestern University, who participated in an ESPN [sports television network] debate on the topic of paying student-athletes, argues that these athletes currently receive scholarships, whose value, in some instances, totals close to $200,000 over four years. (Meshefejian) Most people have to pay to obtain a college education. However, students that are involved with athletics do not have to worry about finding ways to pay for school. These advantages should be enough for these players. Additionally, the athletics they are involved in permit them college entrance that they may not have even applied to (Meshefejian). Some student athletes struggle academically. If the student was not an outstanding athlete, the college likely would not have…

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