Essay about Should Class Attendance Be Compulsory?

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Argumentative essay
Should class attendance be compulsory?
While studying or even registering for a class presents a challenge to some college students, the greatest obstacle remains going to class. When students attend college, the feel they have the freedom to make many important choices regarding their education without high school compulsory attendance policies. However, students are coming to realize that college is not too different from high school. The teachers still take class roll and the students are expected to attend each and every class on time, just like high school. Also if the college students do not have the required attendance, they’re parents are called to the college by the teachers and they are informed about their child’s poor attendance. Colleges must abolish compulsory student attendance policies for several reasons to be further discussed.
First, in order to get admission in a college, compulsory attendance in a previous educational institution is required. For most, this record consists of 13years of compulsory classroom attendance right from the nursery class to the 12thstandard. It is a quite true that the continuation of thecompulsoryattendancepolicyis fruitful for a student’s learning as it teaches the student self-discipline and instills in him/her a sense of responsibility. But If a student is forced to do something by a higher authority, it is not called self-discipline.The student merely does it out of fear of punishment from the higher…

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