Should Children Be Homeschooled

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Should Children be Homeschooled?

“There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent” Mahatma Gandhi. Before 1852, Homeschooling was the most prominent method of teaching. According to Christine Foster, the most preeminent reason that households began taught from their home was the presumption that the public school system “declined in academic rigor and lacked of moral guidance”. However, many parents felt that neither public nor private schools suited the needs of their child and decided to focus of their child’s personal weaknesses and strengths. Most parents begin to Home school their child from pre-kindergarten to sixth grade; however, some parents decide to implement Homeschooling until the age of 18. After analyzing Gene v Glass’ “Myth:
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This allows time for the parents to pursue a career, run errands, and prepare for the following day; while a Homeschooler’s parent’s time is dedicated to ensuring that their child is well educated. In the situation of a single parent home it becomes additionally stressful, because they have to maintain a household, educate their children, and work. According to Glass, there are several questions that parents could ask themselves before attempting Homeschooling. Firstly, “are you willing to put in the time that our five teachers put in to make your child 's education a success”? Secondly, “if you do stay with it until the middle school years, how 's your grasp of algebra”? Thirdly “can you handle those science demonstrations that we 've been developing here”? Often times the child cannot be properly taught a subject due to the parent’s lack of experience in the subject field. This mishap often results in the child failing their “PASS” or “CAT” test which prevents them from proceeding to the next grade. Homeschooling may also create more financial issues than many may

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