Why Do Bullies Commit Suicide

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Thousands of children in the world are committing suicide because of bullying in the real world and in social media. Bullies are like the plague, they infect, they even kill innocent lives! Bullies should be held criminally because they make students lose confidence and stay silent when they’re being bullied, the victims of bullying commit suicide, and if they’re confronted, they pretend like they didn’t know the consequences. Research reveals that 4,400 students commit suicide because of bullying each year. Students lose confidence and remain silent. Parents could be charged too much money because their kid was too scared to tell their parents. Bullies should be held criminally responsible due to the fact that bullies make children commit suicide, lose confidence and stay quiet, and even continue to bully even if they have been warned or know the consequences of bullying. We cannot allow bullies to continue bullying other children on social media. There are many children who commit suicide because of bullying happening on social media. “Are Bullies Criminals?” is a piece of evidence that supports this claim. …show more content…
When the bullies are confronted they are left with a warning, but still continue to bully! If they’re confronted, they might even act if they didn’t know the consequences. Some may say that bullies area too young to understand the consequences, however that statement can be false. Many bullies are aware of the consequences that bullying can bring. People against this statement may say that you’ll need to arrest all the children in the world because bullying is so common, every kid is doing it. But that is not the case. What the author is trying to say is that, we don’t necessarily need to arrest every single child in the world. That is too exaggerated. It’ll also be tricky as a labyrinth to try and arrest every single child in the

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