Essay On Biotechnology In Sports

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Biotechnology, as applied to sports, refers to working with the human genome to influence sport performance. Even though, Biotechnology should be banned because of unfair advantages from others. Biotechnology plays a grand role in an athlete’s performance because the prevention of risks that are related to sports, using genetic information to maximize athletic potential and genetically modifying athletes.
Biotechnology is any use of biological organisms or processes in industrial, medical, agricultural and environmental engineering (Biotechnology). Sports related injuries are becoming more common in young athletes. Scientists have focused on three main sports including basketball, football, and baseball. Lumbar disc herniation, rotator cuff tear and the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) are the most common types of injuries. Scientist have said with the recent advancements in biotechnology that they could stop
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Athletes that use biotechnology carry genes that put them far ahead of ordinary athletes (Filipp). No athlete should have to work and train harder to perform just as great as those that participate in gene doping. It is not fair that athletes who engage in biotechnology have more strength, stamina, adrenaline than others. Everyone should have to partake in the equivalent amount of practicing and training. The use of biotechnology to one may be considered as a form of cheating(Gladwell).
For many young high school athletes, pro athletes are major influences (Top 10 Pros and Cons). They are what one would call a role models. Once a young athlete hears one’s favorite elite player is using a form of biotechnology, may it be steroids their feeling changes. The young athlete will lose respect and feel as though the athlete is not what he portrays to be. If the elite athlete is not putting in blood, sweat, and tears for something he/she loves then there is no purpose and should not

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