Should Animals Be Kept At Factory Farms For Human Consumption?

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Should animals be kept in factory farms for human consumption?
In today 's 's society operation in factory farms has become a controversy about animal rights and morality. Animal cruelty is an open problem that is growing in today’s society. One of the biggest debates about animals is should animals be kept in factory farms for human consumption? However, Farms owners support the best methods of raising animals is by producing an efficient and large quantities of meat. On the other hands, defender is against the action of factoring abusing and torturing animals is very cruel and it is not right, animals should have conscious as human do and they deserve to be treated right. However, producing cheap food and having efficient meat to provide for human is not the reason for human to abuse animals. We us a person can make better choices of consuming food, regardless of the animals living a short life, people will still need animal nutrient. There are more negative effects than positive effect when it comes to factory farming. This paper will focus on positive aspect and the negative. I will support the positive side of “should animals be kept in factory farms for human consumption?”. Moreover, factory farms are practically not beneficial to humanity consumption and the environment due to immoral ethic, unhealthy product, and contamination.
Perspective (Pro)
Some people argue the positive side of factory farms. They are considered to be the largest producer, and industrial…

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