Essay on Should Animals Be Equal Rights?

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Help to Seek Justice for Animals
Almost all of us grew up by eating meat and going to zoos and some of us even had our beloved “pets” or beautiful birds that we bought from pet shops. We wore leather and silk, ate patties and fished. Have we never considered the impact of these actions on the animals? For whatever reason, we should now be asking ourselves a question: do animals have rights to live free? People have been arguing this for years. In my opinion, animals should deserve equal rights to live free just like humans do because humans are also animals. In this paper, I will argue why the view that animals have rights to live free is possibly true and to speak for those animals who cannot speak for themselves. Main body
First of all, all living creatures have rights to live free and humans cannot interfere in animals’ lives in any manner, by hunting nor caging them. Several historic events have clearly shown the consequences of interfering with animals where hunting animals led to dramatic species extinction, especially in the recent three centuries. Wilson in its study (1989) stated that during the past two hundred years human-induced extinction is accelerating at an unpredicted rate, which has extended to every single reachable land piece including lakes, islands, and other isolated environments, resulting in the extinction of over seventy identified species. In other words, this is 4.2 years per species on average! We could say that the species…

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