Should Amnesty Be Granted For Illegal Immigrants? Essay

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Should Amnesty Be Given to Illegal Immigrants?

The world is beset with many controversial issues. One issue is granting amnesty to illegal immigrants. Amnesty in the context of immigration, is granting legal status to illegal individuals. Giving amnesty to illegal immigrants forgives them for illegally entering the United States. By providing illegal immigrants amnesty the government could greatly benefit, it would earn more in taxes; illegal immigrants could be paid legally and pay taxes, contributing to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Granting amnesty could also boost the economy, create more jobs, and cut the deficit. On the other hand, opponents argue that the government would be pardoning an act against the law. The nation would, therefore, send out a message that immigration laws are not enforced. Although immigration contributes to diversity, some say it is unfair to those who go through the tedious process of immigrating legally. Since the majority of illegal immigrants have come to America for better opportunities, they usually take on low-paying jobs. Therefore, many legal American workers assume that they might lose their jobs to immigrants. Most people have a strong opinion regarding how the U.S. government should handle the situation of immigration; it is a controversy that will take years to overcome.

Over the years immigrants have been seen as burdens that cause crimes, bring dangers, and are looked down on by society. Advocates of granting…

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