Should All High School Students Be Required For Complete Parenting Classes?

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Should all high school students be required to complete parenting classes?
In parenting classes, you learn pregnancy prevention, knowledge of pregnancy, basic skills such as cooking and cleaning, tending to babies and children, growth and development, and also the health and safety of the child. All high school students should be required to complete parenting classes because, it will assist them in preparation for parenthood. The benefits of parenting classes encourage prevention of many teen pregnancies and often teach CPR a skill for everyone to learn. This class is an important lesson for adolescents who have not learned. It also engages adults who need more intelligence on childcare. Teenage parenting classes will teach your teen how to deal with a variety of situations that pertain to the arrival of their or her new baby. Learning about formula and or breast-feeding is also required. This gives teenagers the proper tools and education to successfully caring for their baby. (Frankie) In these parenting classes, students will be taught all about the basic skills. These basic skills include cooking, cleaning, changing diapers and tending to a baby. Teens learn about the growth and development of a child. These are the essentials of how to approach the stages to become a parent. They gain an appreciation for the benefits of completing school prior to becoming a parent. Parenting classes also teach fun pictures that engage young minds. Students will learn that caring for…

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