Should Advertising Be Banned Towards Children

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Children are the most influenced age group by advertising messages on television, internet and newspaper ads. Large companies flood billions of dollars a year to manipulate the immature minds of America through colorful, deceptive messages hidden in media. Advertising directed towards children is a very common occurrence in modern day television and other forms of media, but is it fair to place a bright color picture in front a child that lacks cognitive thinking skills? No marketing directed towards children under the age of 8 should be banned because it leads to child obesity, encourages child parent conflict and is morally wrong. In the United States large fast food companies spent millions of dollars directing colorful advertisements …show more content…
However parents are just an easy scapegoat for the corporations who filled the children heads with the subconscious association of happiness and happy meals. How can any normal parent stand their ground against a pestering child filled with the false claims of satisfaction who won’t quit until they get what they want? Some argue that advertising is just part of life and there is no way to avoid it. This is true for advertising on normal programs directed to teen and adults but it is complete possible to ban ads directed to children on networks for children under the age of 8. Banning these ads will allow children to develop without advertising directed to them tainting their minds. A common argument is that even if you can get rid of child directed ads, children will still view adult ads on their parents show. Now as this is a true statement it doesn’t justify large corporations dumping billions into children cartoons to manipulate the minds of adolescents. Advertising during child shows will actually blend their positive opinions of the show with the advertisement shown directly after, which is unfair to the child since they have no idea its

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