Essay Should Abortion Be Legalized?

2047 Words Nov 14th, 2015 null Page
A pregnancy is seen as a wonderful thing. Women are told that they should be over the moon, or that they have a special glow now that they are bringing life into the world. What happens however, when that pregnancy is unexpected and unwanted? What is expected of pregnant woman to do? There are options; she can keep the baby, she may put the baby up for adoption or the most controversial options is terminating the pregnancy. The idea of abortion has been debated furiously for several years. Some believe that it is immoral, that a life is being thrown away before it has started, while others see nothing wrong with it. An unwanted pregnancy can plunge a women’s life in danger if under the wrong circumstances (which many are), and can systematically ruin a woman’s life. The debate has two parties: Pro-Life, this group believes a life is a life and abortion shouldn’t happen and then there is Pro-Choice, they believe that it is the woman’s choice only about what she can and cannot do with her body. “For most women, an abortion is a significant life event. Women experience their pregnancies and pregnancy decisions in the context of their own beliefs and values, their family and romantic relationships, and community and social norms regarding abortion.” (Social and Emotional Aspects of Abortion, n.d.) The topic of abortion brings the issue of gender inequality which illustrates the different between man and women in the workforce. It also brings to light the gender-based power…

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